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More Cooking

November 4, 2012

This covers the rest of the cooking for this week. On Thursday, my brother and his girlfriend came to stay with us (they were without power because of the hurricane) which gave me extra motivation to cook . For dinner that night we made another recipe from Cook’s Illustrated: Thai-Style Stir Fried Noodles With Chicken and Broccolini (we used regular broccoli instead of broccolini). The sauce was great, and the dish was made even better by the chili pepper vinegar on the side. For dessert, I made Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing and Chocolate Ganache from this website, which is full of yummy looking cupcakes. I was really pleased with the way they came out.  I only used about half of the icing, which I think made them more manageable. On Friday morning, I made two recipes from this cookbook: Strawberries with pine nuts & greek yogurt and Potato & rosemary pancakes with bacon & honey. Then for lunch I made the Saag Paneer and French Apple Cake from Cook’s Illustrated. That was a lot of cooking for one day, but it all turned out well. Saturday we took a break from any major cooking. I did make hot chocolate using this recipe (but with dark chocolate chips instead of Mexican sweet chocolate). This evening we cooked a hubbard squash and some kale that we had got at the market Saturday. I halved the squash, removed the seeds, and roasted it. Then we scooped out the flesh and pureed it with chicken stock and a little butter, salt, and nutmeg. I made the seeds using this recipe. They made for a great snack while we were working on the rest of the meal.

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