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Time to Cook

October 31, 2012

School is closed for the week while NYC recovers from the hurricane. Thankfully our neighborhood suffered little damage. Both Jeremy and I have been home and able to do only minimal amounts of work with the resources we have here. This has left lots of time for reading, movie-watching, game-playing, and cooking. We have some friends who live a couple blocks away, and yesterday they came over for dinner. They brought delicious turkey burgers with guacamole. We made an artichoke polenta tart which, unfortunately, was not as delicious as expected and these chocolate biscotti which were delicious. This biscotti were fun to make because I never realized it was a loaf sliced into pieces. They were also easy to put together.

This evening we made chicken fajitas from this Cooks Illustrated recipe (which you can see if you subscribe or get the free trial). They were amazing! Cooks Illustrated knows how to do chicken right. If you sign up for the free trial you should check out this recipe, too. It was featured in this post. For the fajitas, the chicken is marinated, charred, and then baked. It is topped with poblano peppers and onions cooked with cream and lime and served with pickled radishes. We tried one with feta, as recommended, but preferred it without. The radishes were pickled with jalapeños. I’d recommend putting some jalapeños on the fajita along with the radishes – the extra heat made them even more delicious.

Here are some pictures.

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