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Steamers, Spinach, and Brussel Sprouts

October 28, 2012

We’ve gotten to do some cooking this weekend. Both of us were a bit less swamped with work this weekend than we have been, and now with the hurricane approaching we’ll have at least an extra day at home. The good news is that means I have time to make a blog post. The bad news is that we brought all the plants from the garden inside and they are blocking my bath to the cord the connects my camera to the computer. So for the moment this will be a picture free post.

Last night we tried this recipe for Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Garlic with Thai-inspired Dressing. It was a great variation on the typical roasting method and the roasted garlic was delicious. We served it on the side with some sauteed chicken and a traditional risotto milanese.

This evening we made something new – steamers! Not only had we never cooked steamers before, but I had never eaten them until a few months ago during a trip to long island. We got the steamers from the market this morning and they survived a few hours in a cold bag while we were visiting with friends. They were very simple to make. I followed the instructions here: How to Cook Steamers. On the side we made spinach we got at the market. We sauteed it in olive oil with red chile flakes and lots of garlic. The possibility of a power outage has also inspired a good bit of ice cream consumption. All in all it was a great meal.

We have lots of canned food and cereal in case of emergency, but I’m hoping that we’ll be able to do some more cooking tomorrow.

Here’s a picture of a the steamers!

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