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Chicago Wanderings

August 24, 2012

Last week we spent a lovely long weekend in Chicago. The weather was gorgeous! Chicago is a beautiful city and it was full of inspiring art, music, and history as well as delicious food. Below is a list of some of the best places we visited.

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Food Places

The Purple Pig:  pork neck bone gravy with ricotta smear, house made veal mortadella sausage with spinach, fresh chickpeas, and preserved cherry tomatoes.

GT Fish & Oyster: oyster po’boy slider, salted caramel tart.

Girl & the Goat: sauteed green beans with fish sauce vinaigrette and cashews, goat loin with vegetables.

Big Star: ensalada de big star.

Xoco: pepito torta.

Hoosier Mama Pie Company: Peach raspberry pie with pecan crumble.

Black Dog Gelato: Goat cheese cashew carmel gelato.

Non-Food Places

House of Two Urns B&B

Art Institute

Shedd Acquarium

Frank Lloyd Wright House and Studio

Wrigley Field

Buddy Guy’s Legends

Grant Park Music Festival

Jane Adams Hull-House Museum

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