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Six Baby Lettuce Leaves and Three Beans

July 19, 2012

The summer is speeding by, but the garden doesn’t quite seem to be keeping up with the pace– at least compared to last year. At this point we were well into the tomato harvesting. It looks like we may be able to grab a couple this weekend, but at this point some plants are just getting their first green tomatoes and others only have flowers. Last year we also had cucumbers now and there is only one little one and a lot of flowers. We did get 3 more strawberries the other day, and there are a couple more growing. Here some pictures of the fruits in progress.


Zapotec Pleated. Can’t tell if the one on the left is ripening or unhappy.

Monomakh’s Hat. This one just keeps growing! No sign of ripening yet, though.

Some almost ripe Tiny Tims. I don’t know how these little plants grow so many tomatoes!

Cucumber flowers.

Strawberry on the way.

We have made a few non-tomato harvests, including 6 little lettuce leaves, 3 purple beans, and some more kale. The oregano is really flourishing, and I’ve used some in a few dishes. The basil is also doing pretty well. I just made the first batch of pesto this afternoon. Here are some highlights.

The extent of the lettuce harvest.

Three beans!

Kale harvest.


Tons of oregano. Any ideas about what I should do with it?

I did put some oregano and basil in this wheat berry salad with peas and feta.

Basil pre-shearing.

First batch of pesto! I used this recipe.

We’ve been facing a few of the same issues we had last year including the continued presence of cabbage worms as well as end rot on the tomatoes. The end rot is most likely a result of lack of water. Last weekend we left the plants on their own for what was a pretty hot weekend. Hopefully more consistent watering will do the trick. I also crushed up some tums and sprinkled them on the soil because lack of calcium is a cause. I’ve been trying to check for cabbage worms every morning, but it is pretty time consuming so some days I’ve let it slide. A new problem this year is that there are mobs of aphids on some of the kale. I haven’t quite figured out how to deal with them yet. Here are some pictures of the garden enemies.

End rot.

Two cabbage worms on kale.

Aphids on the kale.

It’s been a busy summer so we haven’t been able to make it to the farmer’s market. I’ve been making big batches of things like white beans and wheat berries and making various salads with them.  I’ve also been enjoying some classics like peanut butter banana sandwiches.

Wheat berry salad with dried cherries and walnuts.

Peanut butter and banana with honey and cinnamon.

Since we’ve been on the road so much, we’ve discovered some fun and delicious road trip stops. I think two of the best were Cliff’s Ice Cream in New Jersey  just off I-80 and Curtis Bar-b-q in Vermont just off I-91.

Cliff’s Ice Cream

Melting too fast to get a good picture, but delicious and cold (it was a scorching day).

On the grill at Cliff’s Bar-b-q.

Chicken and ribs fresh off the grill. The sauce is amazing. We wanted to go back to buy a bottle, but the line was too long.


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