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Summer Time

June 22, 2012

I apologize for the lack of posts over the past few weeks. I am taking intensive summer courses and the work is eating up all my time. The garden is still there, though it has been receiving significantly less of my attention. I have managed to keep up with the watering and some occasional weeding. With the heat there have been a lot of things flowering early, and we really haven’t had much success growing greens. We had planted mesclun mix, lettuce, and tatsoi, and didn’t get a harvest from any of them. Both kinds of kale are doing well, but they are still on the small side so we haven’t harvested any yet. The cabbage worms, after disappearing for a number of weeks made a triumphant return. I’ll have to be more diligent about checking for them. The basil I planted is still tiny for some reason, but there were some leftover basil plants at school at the end of the year so I happily offered to give a couple of them a home. There are some tomato plants that are looking good, but a few of them are still really tiny and may or may not make it.

Here are some pictures. I hope to have a little more time to pay attention to the garden and the blog next week, but I make no guarentees. It’s a busy summer!

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