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Springtime Dinner: Asparagus Risotto and Buffalo Blowfish Tails

May 6, 2012

We got to the market nice and early today and it’s a good thing because we bought all the blowfish tails they had left. As the fish vendor told us today, blowfish are very local and very fresh. They go out and catch them if they have extra time, so their presence at the market is really a week to week thing. We first tried them a few months ago and loved them. The vendor’s cooking advice is that you can cook them any way you would a chicken wing. Generally we like chicken wings spicy, so we decided to go with buffalo style blowfish tails this time around. We used this recipe for inspiration, but left off the sauce and cooked them in a frying pan not on the grill.

It is also still asparagus season, so of course we got some of that at the market again as well. A couple weeks ago we poached some chicken breast for salad and froze the broth. I decided to make risotto using the broth we had saved. I followed this recipe, though I cut back a bit on the butter. It turned out really well. Adding the asparagus purée gave the whole thing a nice springy flavor.

Here are some pictures of the process and the final products.

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