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Return of the Cabbage Worms

May 5, 2012
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It was a hectic and soggy week so I didn’t get out to check on the plants for a couple of days. When I finally did make it out this evening I was disappointed to find little new growth and lots of new holes in the plants. On the dino kale I recognized the visitor right away. I spent five minutes every morning last summer scouring the kale and broccoli for cabbage worms and squishing them. It is not a pleasant morning chore, but it had to be done or we would have lost everything. They are tiny for now, so the removal is not too difficult. Eventually they grow to be quite thick.

Baby Cabbage Worm with Hole-y Dino Kale

I’m not sure what is eating the tatsoi. It is some sort of small green bug. I’ll have to do some research. Last year I concocted some homemade aphid repellent with garlic. It may be time to whip up some more (though I’m not really sure how much it helped).

Unknown Pests on Tatsoi Leaves

The first year of gardening every success seemed amazing, and I didn’t know enough to recognize signs of trouble. This year my expectations are higher. I have something to compare to, so I know what I’m getting into and what I’m missing. At this time last year we were starting to harvest the mesclun mix and the spinach and kale were growing strong. This year the closest thing we have to harvest are the strawberries.

All I can do is wait and see what happens, though! And, of course, be vigilant about my cabbage worm watching. It’s all part of the adventure.

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