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On the Grill: Chicken, Radishes, Snow Peas, and Cabbage

May 5, 2012

We had a delicious meal from the grill last night, and it was very easy to make. The chicken was traditional- thin cut breasts (it’s great having a butcher who will cut it to order) with barbecue sauce.

Chicken and Veggie Packet

For a side dish we made this recipe for radishes and sugar snap peas only instead of sautéing it we cooked it in an aluminum foil packet on the grill. The recipe is very simple and fast. I didn’t even both pulling the strings off the sugar snap peas, just sliced the radishes and threw it all in the packet with butter, salt, and pepper. We put it on the grill at the same time as the chicken, and they were both ready in about 15 minutes.

Radishes and Sugar Snap Peas (and Butter!)


Some days we’ve had some difficulty getting the grill going, but last night it was going strong even after the chicken and veggies were cooked. I love food on the grill, and we don’t make use of it as much as I’d like to, so I started looking around for other things we could grill. We still had half a cabbage in the fridge from fish tacos we made earlier in the week. It seemed unlikely we were going to use it otherwise, so I searched for a recipe and settled on this one. It was delicious- lemony flavor, smokiness, and good texture! Next time this one will be part of the original plan.

Grilled Cabbage with Lemon

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