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Transplanting Day

April 29, 2012

Yesterday was an action-packed day. Here’s the agenda (and some pictures).

Rinsed the bean sprouts.

Went for an early morning run by the river.

Emptied the tomato containers of their old soil (filling 8 trash bags).

Mixed the batter for Lemon-Poppyseed Pancakes!

Which we ate with yogurt and blueberry plum jam from Phillips Farms.

Prepared containers for seedling transport.

Took over the laundry mat to wash everything we own (or so it seemed).

Had great paninis at Il Bambino on our way to Home Depot.

Picked up 10 bags of soil to fill the cucumber and tomato containers.

Planted the cucumbers.

Separated the tomato seedlings.

Planted some of them in their permanent containers.

For which Jeremy made creative labels.

Planted the rest in trays and containers to deliver to other gardening family members.

Stepped back to admire the growing garden. From one side…

and then the other.

Took all the old soil (and some tomato seedlings) out to add to Jeremy’s parents’ garden.

Had a big family dinner of delicious paella at Meson Madrid.

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