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Final Harvest from 2011: Parsnips

February 15, 2012

We pulled out the rest of the parsnips yesterday. It was the final harvest from our 2011 plantings. Since all the greens died away, it was hard to tell how many were in there. The surprise is part of the excitement of growing root veggies. Turns out there were a lot! It took some work to get them out because they grew basically all the way to the bottom of the fifteen gallon pot.

We had been waiting patiently to pull them because parsnips are supposed to get sweeter when they sit outside through the winter.  The waiting paid off; we just roasted them with some olive oil and thyme and they tasted like we had used honey. Even better, we had so many that there were enough for two meals!

Almost empty pot.

They’re so long I can’t get the whole thing in the frame.

Washed and ready for chopping.

Parsnip tops with stubby leaves- all that was left after sitting through the winter.

Roasted with fresh thyme and olive oil.

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