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Weekend Breakfast: Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes (With No Butter!)

February 11, 2012

I love making pancakes almost as much as I love eating them. It is like a little reminder to myself that it is the weekend. It’s also something that I am confident making. I feel lucky that I was included in a lot of cooking when I was little. My dad is a wonderful cook, and weekends with him almost always involved Sunday morning pancakes or waffles. My brother and I learned early on about sprinkling water to test whether the griddle is ready, watching for bubbles to know when the pancakes are ready to flip, and the extraordinary deliciousness of the mini-pancakes that form from the drips of the ladle.  Of course you can read about many of these tips in recipes, but there is no replacement for the experience of hearing the right sizzle and seeing the bubbles collecting.

One result of my confidence in pancake-making is that I can experiment with different varieties. Since I have a good sense of how thick the batter should be and how they should crisp when they are cooking, I can make adjustments and have some idea whether I’m on the right track or at least why things fail. I usually base my pancake plans on the ingredients I have. This week I had a lot of buttermilk on hand as well as some frozen blueberries. I also like to find ways to make pancakes a bit healthier. I found this recipe on smitten kitchen that said you could leave out the butter in the batter. I saw a few other recipes that mentioned cooking pancakes in coconut oil. I combined the two ideas and ended up with  fluffy, tangy, crispy pancakes that used no butter. I’ll definitely return to this recipe again.

Coconut Oil Ready for Pancakes

Bubbles…Almost Ready to Flip

Nice and Crispy

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