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Seeds for Winter Sowing

January 14, 2012

It is time to get started on the 2012 garden. I am intending to winter sow tomatoes like I did last year. I just filled out my form for the Your Choice Tomato SASE,  and it’s ready to go in the mail. This is a great source of very inexpensive seeds. You just mail in the form along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and they send you 6 varieties of seeds. In addition to the 6 new varieties I hope to receive from them, I intend to sow the seeds I saved from my crops last year.

I also discovered that the site has a more general seed request option where they send you there own selection of six seed packs. I’m not sure what kinds of seeds it might include (more tomatoes? flowers?), but I figured it was worth trying out, so I am going to mail in a request for the Six Pack SASE as well. I still have a number of seeds from Hudson Valley Seed Library leftover from last year’s purchase. I think most of them should still sprout this year. If all goes well, I should have many more seedlings than I have space for on the balcony.

Seed Requests Ready for the Mail

The next order of business is going through the winter sowing containers from last year to see what is usable and then starting to make some more. Once I have some things to put out there, I’ll have a good reason to clean up the balcony (finally)!

Winter Sowing Container Collection


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