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Pineapple Dressing, Broiled Grapefruits, and Granola Bars

January 14, 2012

It’s a chilly weekend which means lots of time for cooking. On Friday night, we wanted a light dinner so I made a salad. Often we just dress salads with oil and vinegar, but I was feeling more creative. I found a recipe for chicken salad with pineapple-lime dressing in an old Everyday Food magazine. The dressing contains lime zest, lime juice, minced jalepeno, minced shallot, chopped pineapple, honey, and olive oil. I forgot to pick up a shallot, so I used red onion instead. In the salad itself we used chicken, cucumber, avocado, and cashews. It made for a perfect dinner- light but filling.

Chicken Salad with Pineapple-Lime Dressing

Topped with Avocado

Often when I make breakfast on the weekends, I go straight for pancakes or waffles. I wanted to mix it up a bit though. This morning, I made two recipes from breakfast & brunch. The first was broiled pink grapefruit with vanilla sugar. It had been a while since I’d eaten grapefruit, and it was a good opportunity to use one of the vanilla beans I had.

Vanilla Sugar

Broiled Grapefruits

Served with Plain Yogurt

I also made apricot and pumpkin seed granola bars. I had attempted granola bars before, but they hadn’t stayed together when I tried to cut them. This was (slightly) more successful. It was a little tricky because I didn’t have the right size pan, but made it work by using half of a larger one. The bars were a bit sweeter than I would have liked, but that is probably because it needed a lot of honey to make sure they stuck together.

Apricot and Pumpkin Seed Granola

Granola Cut into Bars

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