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A few weeks back…parsnips!

December 19, 2011

A few weeks back we decided it was time to find out how the parsnips were looking. We knew that parsnips are supposed to be best when they are left in the ground through the winter, but we couldn’t resist sneaking a peak. We planted the seeds back in March, they sprouted in April, and we’ve been watching the tops grow, appear to wilt, and then continue to grow ever since. We really didn’t have a clue what was going on underground. As a first-time gardener it is hard to have confidence in instructions that seem counterintuitive even when everyone seems to agree they work. I’d read about the process through which parsnips convert starch to sugar as the temperatures cooled, but I still worried that they would rot or be eaten or suffer some other unexpected doom. With a little careful digging we discovered that there were a number of good-sized tubers down there. We decided to pull a few out to see how they tasted.

Parsnip Top

Just Out

Four Parsnips

Now, even if they are all somehow destroyed, we will have had a taste. We baked them with olive oil and thyme (also from the garden). Though they weren’t as sweet other parsnips I’ve had, they were still quite tasty. We’d definitely grow them again. In a few more months, we’ll pull the rest and maybe they’ll be even more delicious!

Parsnips and Thyme Ready for the Oven

Roasted Parsnips

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