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Farmers’ Market + Trader Joe’s = Super Fast and Delicious Dinner

November 9, 2011

Random weekdays off from work are glorious. We were off today because yesterday evening was the big benefit event to raise money for the school. Unfortunately my random day off coincided with the first day of Jeremy’s business trip. Though I would often spend a day off preparing some grand meal, I found myself much less motivated when I had no one to feed but myself. Being that I was not going to be cooking up a storm this time, and there was no actual storm (in fact it was sunny and a balmy 67), I spent a large part of the day outside – running, catching up with a friend in the park, and getting errands done.

Since I was in the city, I decided to swing by Union Square on my way home to grab some vegetables from the market and stock up on some favorites from Trader Joe’s. From the market I got a small Japanese eggplant, an onion, and a bunch of tatsoi. From Trader Joe’s I got (among other things) frozen brown rice. While certainly not the most cost efficient or environmentally friendly way to get your rice, it certainly is easy! Not only does it only take 3 minutes in the microwave, but it never burns and creates no dirty dishes!

In under 15 minutes (spent chopping and stir frying the veggies) I made a delicious and relatively nutritious meal! And now I can get back to work! (Does writing a blog post with a formula for a title count as brushing up on my math skills?)

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