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Farm Visit and Garden Update

September 18, 2011

This week I had the opportunity to visit Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture with my students. Not only is it a beautiful location, but they have so many different things happening. The first stop on our tour was the vegetable field. In looking at their field realized how much more I know now than I did a year ago. They had many familiar plants- kale, broccoli, beans, and tomatoes- but also some more unique crops such as a variety of corn specifically for polenta. In addition to vegetables, they raise chickens, laying hens, sheep, pigs, bees,and turkeys. We saw everything except the turkeys and even got to collect eggs from the egg-mobile. Across from the pigs we saw the mounds of compost. Finally, we visited the greenhouse where lettuce, carrots, and more were just beginning to sprout for the fall/winter season. I hope to visit again sometime!

Berkshire Pigs


Back home, things are moving forward with the fall crops. I did one last round of plantings last weekend that included radishes, spinach, and lettuce. The radishes have sprouted and are growing quickly. The spinach I planted last weekend hasn’t come up yet. However, I just transplanted 5 seedlings from an earlier batch. A few of the lettuce seeds sprouted, but they are growing slowly and I’m not sure whether I’ll get any before the frost. The unfortunate garden news is that the cabbage worms are back. I thought that maybe they were just a spring thing, but now that the weather has cooled down, the life cycle seems to have started over. The little guys have taken out some of the small broccoli and kale plants that I started a few weeks back.

Radish Sprouts

Cabbage Worm Holes in Broccoli Seedlings

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