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Labor Day Weekend Adventures

September 5, 2011

The garden survived last weekend’s storm. The peas, which remained outside, were a bit windblown, but they have since started to grow upwards again.

The Peas Survived the Storm

We were able to move all the rest of the plants back outside on Monday afternoon and only spent a few days defending against the ants and other creatures that came in with them.

What didn’t survive was our internet and cable line which was cut by this tree as it fell.

Tree Down Across the Street

Luckily our service was restored yesterday, and we only had to spend a week reverting to the use of radios and flash drives.

This weekend we squeezed in one more round of some of our favorite summer activities. We went to the beach, visited friends, had family visit us, went out to eat, and cooked. One highlight was a margherita pizza with a cornmeal crust and tomatoes and basil from our garden.

Margherita Pizza

This evening I also made some peach-yogurt popsicles. A friend gave us some extra peaches from her CSA. My original plan was to make a pie, but in the end I decided to go for something lighter.

Peach-Yogurt Popsicles

In addition, we finally went camping, an activity Jeremy and I have never done together and I haven’t done for years. The plans developed at the last minute. Yesterday afternoon we picked up our friends and headed up to Lake Taghkanic State Park stopping on the way to pick up tents. We arrived just in time to get the tents up and fire started before sunset.

Tents Set-up in Lake Taghkanic State Park

Though we knew there was danger of thunderstorms, we figured it was probably our last opportunity of the year, so we decided to go for it. Luckily the storms didn’t arrive until 2:30 AM. By that time we had roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, taken in the view of the stars, and settled into bed. Though we were awake listening to the thunder rolling through the mountains, our new tents held up well and we stayed dry.

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