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Saving Tomato Seeds

August 25, 2011

I’ve continued to work on planting for the fall, but yesterday I also took the first step in preparing for next summer by collecting tomato seeds. I read about a number of methods of seed saving, and I decided to use the method from the organization that provided the seeds. All of the tomatoes in my garden came from seeds that I ordered from With the seeds they sent  a brochure on how to save my own seeds.

First I harvested the tomatoes (and beans).

Then I cut the tomatoes in half. I used my newly acquired knife sharpening skills and tools (thank you, David) to prepare a knife. It made cutting the tomatoes so easy!

Then I squeezed out the seeds and combined them with disinfectant cleaner.

This had to sit for 30 minutes. Since I was saving 5 different varieties, I had to label each bowl with the type and the time they went in.

The seeds are then rinsed off and left to sit in a bowl with water. Anything that floats is not a good seed, so you pour it off. This is repeated again and again until nothing floats.

After a last scrub with some soap and a final check for floaters, the seeds are put onto paper plates where they need to dry for a week. Hopefully these seeds will yield some tomatoes next year!

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  1. August 28, 2011 1:20 pm

    that’s cool! i always wondered how you were supposed to get seeds for the following year without them rotting in the mean time!


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