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End of Summer Garden Updates

August 18, 2011

First a quick update on the zucchini pickles. They were delicious! I highly recommend the recipe. As per the recommendation I tried them with goat cheese and it was a perfect combination- creamy and…picklely.

Finished Pickles

Pickle and Goat Cheese Wrap

Now on to the garden. Though summer is starting to wind down, some of the plants seem to be getting a second wind. The broccoli is starting to produce some more florets; maybe if the weather gets cooler they will actually get to be full size before flowering!

New Broccoli Florets

The kale has been the most consistent producer so far. Regardless of the weather, it has plugged along producing enough for a good size harvest every two weeks or a small harvest every week. The only thing that got in its way were the cabbage worms, and they seem to be gone. The kale seedlings are also doing quite well.

Kale Seedlings

Shockingly, some of the bean plants which appear to be dying and have lost most of their leaves are still producing beans! I don’t know how this is possible. The newer beans are just starting to produce.

How does this plant still have beans on it?

The cucumbers are clearly wrapping up. I picked the last of the crop from one container this week and the other container has two more to harvest.

The Last of the Cucumbers Hidden in the Corner

All of the tomato plants still have a lot of green ones making the outlook bright for at least the next few weeks. The problem has continued to be the heavy rainfall. The sudden influx of water has caused cracking in all the small tomatoes. The rain even knocked off a bunch of the little guys before I could get to them. On the upside it’s made my watering routine much less strenuous!

Oranje van Goeijenbier

Fallen Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Ripening Black Krim

The mint cutting that I planted a couple weeks back suddenly shot up a couple of days ago and is looking great. I’m working on getting some more going in hopes that I’ll have enough to make mint ice cream soon!

Mint Cutting

The peas (both the first set and the second) are doing quite well and have not been attacked by the squirrels again.

Fall Peas Getting Started

The lettuce, however, was not so lucky. Just as a second sprout had appeared the squirrels returned and dug up the whole container. I guess I’ll have to start it in a small container.

Squirrels Strike Again

 I also planted a handful of spinach and I’ve only seen one tiny sprout so far. I think I may try starting some lettuce and spinach inside next week.


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