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Cooking Day Part II: Strawberry Mint Popsicles

July 30, 2011

My second goal yesterday was to make popsicles. In the intense heat of July, eating a popsicle is high on my list of most refreshing things to do. It comes in third just after swimming and drinking a glass of ice-cold water. Popsicles are more exciting than a glass of water, easier to come by than a swimming pool, and the freezer is closer than the beach.

I decided on strawberries as the main ingredient, thinking that they probably wouldn’t be available for much longer. Popsicles also seemed like a good time to use some of the mint we are growing. With both mint and basil, you have to harvest frequently to maximize the output, and I had not been harvesting nearly enough.

Washed and cut.

I had one pint of strawberries and wanted to make four popsicles. A straight puree wouldn’t have been quite enough to go around, but I wanted to have a strong strawberry flavor. I decided on this recipe which had some plain yogurt, but not so much to take away from the strawberry-ness. I was pleased with the final product. They have great flavor and a beautiful color.


Strawberries, mint, and plain yogurt.

Blended and in the molds.

A bit crooked but still delicious.
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