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Work Day

May 2, 2011

This is a bit of a long post because it was a busy weekend in the garden. After all the growth that took place while we were away, we had a lot of seedlings ready to move into their permanent containers. Yesterday afternoon we laid out all the containers we had and made sure we knew which plants were going where. After creating a list of all the containers and their contents, we made a trip to Home Depot to pick up more potting soil and a few more containers.

Containers laid out.

More soil.

This morning we got to work filling all the containers with soil and then transplanting the seedlings (except 2 small tomato plants that weren’t quite ready). Included in today’s transplants were: kale, bok choi, broccoli, basil, and 6 different varieties of tomatoes.

Transplanted bok choi.

The trickiest part of the process was that we didn’t actually have containers for all of the seedlings. As we expected when we planted the seeds, we ended up with many more seedlings than we could fit in our space. This meant that we had to decide which of the seedlings were most promising and then put the others into smaller containers to continue to grow. We’re hoping that most of these will make it and find a good home in someone else’s garden.

Extra seedlings.

Some of the seedlings were looking a bit wilted after being moved, but we’re hoping that they’ll perk up in the next few days. We put plastic “hats” over the kale and broccoli to provide some protection from the sun and wind while the seedlings transition. The tomato plants were a bit stronger. Here are some pictures of the newly planted tomato seedlings.  (Names courtesy of Jeremy.)

Jaune (Claude Van) Flamme Tomato

Roller Coaster (Of Love) Cherry Tomato

Mr. Ed (Green Zebra Tomato)

Oranje (you glad I didn’t say banana) Van Goeijenbier

Black (Betty) Krim

In addition to transplanting, we rejiggered the pea trellis to try to make it possible for more of the pea plants to reach it.

The cucumber plants next door to the peas also sprouted this weekend. Here is a closer look:

Here is a view of the garden after this weekend’s work.

As you can see in the last picture, the mesclun mix is almost ready to harvest again. We planted another round of mesclun seeds in the window box to the right.

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