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Selecting Containers

April 25, 2011

March 19th:

The second set of seeds we planted were from Hudson Valley Seed Library. While some of them were to be started under protection or indoors, many of them could be direct sown. So it was time to find and purchase containers.

While we wanted to use recycled materials as much as possible both to minimize waste and cost, we did not have many containers large enough for most of the plants we hoped to grow. After researching, with varied success, the ideal depth, volume, shape, and material for each type of vegetable, we began to search. The chef in the cafeteria at the school where I work kindly saved me 5 plastic containers that were about 1.3 gallons. We used them to plant the rapidly growing spinach seedlings. In addition, my dad had given me a very nice large window box-shaped container in which we planned to grow peas. For the remaining seeds, we purchased a wide range of sizes and shapes of plastic containers at Home Depot.

After gathering the containers, we started planting. We made some more mini greenhouses for the DiCiccio Broccoli, Vates Blue Curled Kale, Mesclun Mix and Baby Bok Choi. We direct sowed Harris Model Parsnips, Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Peas, thyme, and chives.

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